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“He who helps others helps himself.” Chinese proverb


Foster home care is crucial for our rescued cats and kittens. It is essential for rehabilitating sick and injured or behaviorally challenged cats and kittens.
A spare room works well. We provide the food, litter and Vet care. The rescue is housed at our sanctuary, when healthy will be transferred into the foster home. The foster families become very attached to the cats and kittens in their home. They are giving them a chance at having a life and also getting into a loving home. With the TLC and time we give to our rescues, we take an enormous effort to find them a life-long loving home.

If you live in to Ventura, CA area and are considering fostering, please contact Joan at (805) 649-2844.

P.O. Box 310 •  Ventura, CA 93002  •  (805) 649-2844 •  infogreyfootcat [ at ]